Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something new...

My blogger ni having some issue on posting pictures.
For some reason I can't upgrade my picasa storage size.

You are currently using 984 MB (96.16%) of your 1024 MB.

stress woo...sebab sayang nak delete old pics. Tried purchasing a bigger storage tapi ntah kenapa ntah the cc got rejected...allooo....bukannya tak ada credit dalam tu.

So got no choice but create a please do visit me there for more pictures okay darlings.....muahhhh

see you there =)


viruspadu said...

ooo ada prob ek?

aiseh ni yang saspen kalau saya punya pun exceed limit ni

Pink Mama said...

Hello VP,

itulah Akak punya dah nak exceed limit dah ni...huhu


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