Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ready, Aim & Acquire

I have to say today is a very long and tiring day.

Imagine spending hours just to decide what TV to buy.....yeah what a fun day. 

So not fun when you're drag to two different malls and then back to the first mall to buy the item . How hard is it to buy a TV. Goodness sake.
My leg still hurts and I am exhausted. + hungry too. Now I'm too tired even to cook.

Why can't my husband just make up his mind. So fickle minded.

Gosh I think it's easier to shop with me cause I alwayssssssssss know what I want and how much it cost. I do my homework well (thanks to all the shopping websites)   ;)

Straight to the shop, no stopping in between.Nothing gonna distract my focus. Acquire the desire object and pay. See easy peasy rite.
Anyway, there's one happy person in the house.

So how's your weekend so far?

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