Friday, October 8, 2010

It's time again

to replace my iPhone charger/cable. That would make it the 2nd time.
The original one that comes with the phone koyak, then I bought the current one.
I actually bought an original cable at Machines...not cheap ooo. But now 2nd time kena beli sendiri, I think I'll just buy a generic one which only cost RM26...way cheaper.
Pleaselah Apple make a more durable cable. Takkanlah every few months consumer nak kena beli yang baru. Takkanlah teruk sangat kualiti kot Apple oii, if u can make a canggih phone, why can't you produce a good quality accessories too....=P

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Nana said...

ahhhh I did not know that they have a generic accessories. Kat sini mahal nak mampus!!! tension betul!!!

Pink Mama said...

tulah nasib baik ada. I punya car charger pun bukan yg original.


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