Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is it possible?

You all ada terima tak terima email ni?.

Subject: Winter storm expected to hit KL on 20 Nov

Dear Friends,

I don’t intend to cause alarm but I think I need to share this with everyone.
Rumours are surfacing about a freak winter storm that is expected to hit the Kuala Lumpur city centre on Friday, 20 November 2009 at around 7pm.

Being near the equator, KL has never experienced such a cold weather phenomenon and residents used to the hot and humid weather are warned to take serious precautions.
Reliable sources think that there are reasons to believe these rumours following some unusual weather-related events that many parts of the world have experienced in recent history.
Those who have never experienced extreme cold weather are advised to stick close to one another for support. I suggest reading this article on How to Survive Being Stranded in Snow and other similar ones you can find easily on the internet.
As I personally know some of these sources, I will send out further notices as we get closer to the anticipated event.

Remember, mark 20 November 2009 in your diaries. In such an occurrence, there is safety in numbers so stay close to one another, especially after office hours!

Stay tuned.

errmm....where's my winter gear. Kena korek balik ni kotak lama I.......


Lea Shmea said...

i think ni gimmick citer 2012 la kak. hehe.

MommyCT said...

aiyooo...sapa yg wat study ni..bahye2.
Kang semer supermarket sesak cos org nak beli stok.

nabora said...

tak pun gimik Storm Warrior.. haha

Pink Mama said...

hehehe...Akak pun rasa gimik jer tu =)


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