Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yukids Island The Curve

If you are at The Curve and you have childrens under 9 year old, this is the place to ditch them for a few hours while you shop in bliss...hehehe....

Unlimited playtime for only RM20 on weekdays and RM30 for weekends and Public Holidays. Parents boleh masuk free to accompany your kids.....tapi kalau anak dah besar tinggalkan jer but don't forget to pick up your kids later tau.

Ohh lupa nak bagitau that entrance is free for an hour sampai besok, Sunday for their pre opening promotion.

open from 10am to 9.30pm. Mainlah dari pagi sampai malam

baru bukakkan so nampak bersih jer

my girls are really enjoying it.....lompat sana lompat sini panjat sana panjat sini

the place is bright and colorful

It's located at 2nd Floor The Curve opposite Reject Shop.

Siap sedialah lepas tu kena ketuk kat McD sebabnya lepas keluar Yukids ni mesti anak-anak lapar >.<

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