Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another family wedding

Hopefully this is the last wedding invitation for the year. Lost count of how many weddings I attended this year.

Tapi wedding minggu lepas is one of the MUST attend wedding because it's my BIL's sister's wedding. So kalau tak pergi nak kena pancung dengan my mom.

Nasib baik jugaklah bawak semua anak-anak pergi sebab my sister and BIL reserve 2 tables for us. Dengarnya my sister's MIL stress bila orang cancel tak dapat attend sebab per head is like RM100++

(Note: some pictures may be a bit blurry sebab tangkap pakai my iPhone jer and some using my camera)

I must say for RM100++ per head the food is okaylah. Cuma kalau pergi Chinese wedding sure dah kenyang dah with their 10 course meal with the same amount of money paid.

I don't like tapai but I love ice-cream <3

Bibik of the nite cause my sister was busy entertaining. Now I'm suffering with bad shoulder ache. Nampak kecik tapi bila dukung lama-lama lenguh jugak tau.

he sure does look like my BIL but that residing hairline (read: jendul) tak taulah dapat dari mana =D

Bride and groom. My little nices and nephew are the flower girl and boy tapi faillah my 2 year old niece pergi tido so all the practices gone out the window ... lol

curi gambar ni from the bride's facebook. Cantik sangat.

rest of the time the kids were busy playing Angry Bird. My 3 year old niece cakap "Happy Bird" =D

wedding cake....so pretty. Wonder what it taste like.

Peace! Pose wajib =D

Kat tangga PWTC pun jadik.

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pinky said...

ayam goreng yg sangat best...hehehehe

Pink Mama said...

alamak tetiba lapar tengok gambar =D


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