Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012

Last post of the year and I just had to put pictures of food. =D

2011 had it's ups and down for me. Over all it started a bit rocky for me but eventually everything went well in 2011.

Thought nak buat post on the highlights of my 2011 but this last week of 2011 has been a bit hectic for me at work. Banyak pulaklah kerja. Orang lain semua cuti but I had to sad.

My highlight of 2011 was I went to CHINA...yup....I went to Guilin,China.  I got to experienced another culture. Kat Malaysia memang ada bangsa Cina but it sure is different in China. =) Hopefully next year I'll gotta travel to another continent...hmm....Europe perhaps ;)

This year we're not going out to see the firework like we always do every year at The Curve sebab Kakak demam panas. Poor baby....she's rite beside me now as I'm writting this post. Dah bagi makan ubat pun panas tak turun-turun and she keeps complaining of body aches.

May 2012 be a much better year than 2011 and a more prosperous year for our family. Also good health. Insyaallah.

So I would like to wish all my blogger friends and readers....Selamat Tahun Baru.

Selamat datang 2012.

May you all have a good year ahead.

Must eat healthy next year too =)

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