Friday, September 30, 2011

Morning rainbow

Step out of the house this morning to this beautiful sight.
Really makes me smile and it made my day.

Hopefully, my day will be as wonderful as the rainbow today. Mana tau boleh menang iPad2 sebijik ke malam ni hehehe. Oh yeah...tonite my company is organizing a Town Hall Dinner for all the staff and I heard that our lucky prize draw boleh dapat iPad. Pray for me ya semua....hehehe.

Hmm.....still contemplating what to wear for dinner tonite. Since the theme of the party is breeze as it will be held at the hotel's swimming pool....most probably I'll be wearing a dress tonite. Nak kena tahan nafas the whole nitelah nampaknya...kalau tak sure nampak macam perempuan mengandung 6 bulan =P

Have a wonderful day too readers =)

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