Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pizza yang yummy di Pizza Milano

Lunch semalam at Pizza Milano.
Kepada sesiapa yang tak pernah makan at Pizza Milano, it's located at One Utama Old Wings. Right at the end of the old wing at level 2.

Pizza lovers you should come and try their pizza. Their pizza is the thin crust yang sedap. You also get to choose variety of pizza flavors. Beside pizza they also have other food on their menu but tak ingatlah pulak.

I ordered beef lasagna yesterday. It was thick and full of beef and cheese.
Makan sorang memang tak boleh habislah. Kena makan berdua baru licin.
Satu plate lasagna ni RM10

my friend had Pizza Supreme. Sedap...melekat-lekat pizzanya. Alamak terkenang-kenang pulak. Again, this pizza boleh makan 2 orang.

We ordered ice lemon tea. Even the ice lemon tea is so yummy. Tak adalah cair jer macam some places.

Makan sambil gossip memanglah best hehehe....

Anyway the bill came at RM27+ for the 2 of us which is kinda reasonable.

if you are wondering why all my pictures are blurry, it's because mengambil gambar dengan laju-laju sebab segan dengan orang hehe...
Happy weekend all =)

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