Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration

 Sunday noon

The Big Brother Kota Damansara

Me, the hubs, Adik and Kakak.
It's very hard to make my 14 year old boy follow us go anywhere nowadays =(

Confirm that I put on weight cause this morning when I tried one of my working pants....tak muat.

Tak boleh button =(

Balik kena jogging taman 10 round ='(

That's me being poyo sibuk nak tunjuk new ring. Tapi air ribena laici tu sedap

My charbroil chicken was delicious

the little princess actually cooked for me omelette...alololo...so sweet.
Thank you Princess...Mama love you guys so much.


biruVSpink said...

happy mother's day sis!

Pink Mama said...

Thank you dik :)

zatil said...

PM hepi mothers's day!!

Btwn, u look young lah..considering anak2 dah besar kan..;)

Pink Mama said...

Thank you Zatil. Happy mother's to you too =)


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