Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kami ponteng =P

Hiiiiii.....I'm updating from home =)

I'm on MC today, so is Adik. Kami berdua jumpa doktor pagi tadi. Ingat pergi doktor 8.30 ngam-ngam klinik buka akan jadi orang pertama yang daftar. So wrong rupanya dah ada 5 orang daftar dulu :P

End up habis appoinment doktor pukul 10.30 pagi. 2 jam...lamakannnn....

Budak kecik ni muscle ache. Sikit punya thorough doktor periksa. Siap tunjuk kat I where to check. Temperature dua2 belah kaki sama ke tidak...ada swelling ke tidak.

I pulak dari last Friday sakit sangat shoulder muscle ni. Semalam sakit sangat sampai rasa tak boleh nak pusing leher and the chest hurts. No choice had to go to the clinic.

I also did a test for dyspepsia. Incase you don't know what dyspepsia is

A person is said to have dyspepsia if he/she suffers from several of a group of symptoms which might include nausea, regurgitation (backwash of stomach contents into the esophagus or mouth), vomiting, heartburn, prolonged abdominal fullness or bloating after a meal, stomach discomfort or pain, and early fullness.

I have those sympthoms, it's getting worst lately. So the doctor suggested that I did a test, tengok ada bacteria tak dalam perut. I had to blow into four bags, 10 minutes intervals between each.
The results will be out in 2 days. Then the doctor will decide on the treatment.

here's the girls beside me watching Glee on  iPad
Berapa kalilah repeat tgk Glee ni ntah. Tak bosan ke?
We had lunch at Ikea just now sebab Princess nak makan meatballs and soup.
 I happily obliged.


not my money =)

my lunch fish and chips =)

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