Monday, August 23, 2010

Hit me baby one more time

Remember last week I told you guys that I bought Sheperd's pie from pasar ramadhan TTDI. I've craving for the pie for days after I had the first one last week. So today, I actually bought 2. Meat and chicken pie. I had chicken Sheperd pie last week, so gonna try the one with meat.

Actually bought two because Kakak kacau last week. She ate half of my Sheperd pie and she likes it so much.In fact she ask me to buy somemore. So today one each, no gaduh-gaduh and berebut. We can enjoy our delicious pie dengan aman dan bahagia.

can't wait to dig into you baby

can you see the meat?. Delicious.

they actually put brochures in every plastic bag of the item they sold. Good marketing strategy. Lepas habis puasa I so am gonna go to their cafe and try other food there.

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