Thursday, January 16, 2014

Something new - part 2

I rasa tahun ni my sisters memang saja komplot nak mengenakan I sebab both my sisters are pregnant. One of them gave birth yesterday to a handsome bouncing baby boy. 

Mama Long have to start menabung for duit raya already. As for now I have 6 anak buah + 1 still in the oven.

Welcome to the family baby boy. Percayalah all the babies in the family will look like anak K-Pop ....mata semua sepet2

happy kakak cousin. Tak nak lepas dukung baby tu. 

one happy aunt. Wanginya bau baby baru. My sister was still in the 'ting tong' state yesterday when we visited her. Ialah kesan ubat bius tak habis lagi agaknya. Tengah-tengah cakap dengan dia, boleh pulak dia dose off  zzzzz.........  >.<

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