Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chocolate Museum warehouse sale

Sapa yang tak suka coklat. My kids loooove chocolate. The youngest one lepas makan chocolate akan hyper semacam.

Anyway, last Sunday we're supposed to send Abang back to his hostel after lunch. Unfortunately....I repeat....unfortunately, I saw the banner that the Chocolate Museum were having a warehouse sale, which they claim to be cheaper than the retail price. Actually 3 hari warehouse sale from 17-19 January, but we only managed to caught the last day of sale. 

Always wanted to go to the Chocolate Museum tapi been postponing for so long. Alang-alang anak-anak dah bising nak meng'pau' membeli coklat so we stop by before sending Abang back to his hostel as there still so much time. 

Location of the museum, you all click kat link kat atas okay. Me is lazy to type here.

I am a sucker for warehouse sale....any sale actually.

Boleh tahan ramai jugak orang yang datang beli. I should say that the price was reasonable. Bought a bag of sneakers for RM18, which end up I did not managed to eat at least one pun sebab anak bertuah boy saya tu pergi bawak semua balik hostel >.<
Bought other few chocolates yang habis on the same day :/

inside the museum.Museum dia taklah besar sangat takat 5-10 minit dah habis tour. Lepas tour boleh beli coklat.

next time I'll remember to use the Camera 360, barulah nampak muka flawless sikit. Ni pun sebenarnya baru recovering from bad cold.

the benefits...silalah makan coklat banyak-banyak
Kalau tergemuk lepas tu...salahkan diri sendiri

pompuan Afrika mana pulak ni?

oiii lupa nak beli Hershey's hari tu sebab malas nak bergasak dengan orang ramai.

So my boy dah balik hostel after cuti 3 hari. Now the sister is conquering his room and PC. So I guess we'll be seeing him back soon on Chinese New Year holidays. From Norman KRU's twitter pic I can see that the boys are enjoying themself in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, girls tak dibenarkan guna the swimming pool. Jangan budak-budak tu sibuk hari-hari mandi swimming pool udah.

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