Friday, September 26, 2008 says one way street

First of all I just want to say, if you don't know how to read the road signs please do not ...i repeat DO NOT drive a car because you'll be endangering other people and causing troubles.

Secondly, I know that you are in love and you have your beautiful girlfriend besides you in the car but please pay attention to the road sign instead of your girlfriend.

Thirdly, if you know you've done something wrong as going the wrong way on the one way street, pleaselah angkat tangan mintak maaf instead of tersengih macam kerang busuk. I really cannot tolerate people who do not follow rules. Let's say a small kid was crosing the road in a one way street, I'm sure he/she will look one direction to look out for cars but if there are people like you ohh...ignorant driver, an accident can happen. Pleaselah...please next time learn how to read the road sign.

This message is meant for the young man whose driving a green MYVI at Dataran Sunway at around 8pm infront of the Chinese Restaurant. You are lucky that I was slow at the corner or else I would have bang onto you. Guess what...if that happen you are WRONG because you are going the wrong way...IDIOT!@!

Okay enough of membebel kepada pemandu yang tak berhemah.Kalau membebel panjang-panjang pun tak guna buat menyakitkan hati.

Today I am officially off already. I will be on leave for the whole of next week. Tomorrow I have a bunch of things to do.

1. Tukar langsir (bab ni yang malas ni)

2. Basuh baju raya anak-anak (yup..I haven't wash their new Raya clothes...malas + tak sempat...I guess I'll just dumpt it all into the washing machine or should I rinse dengan tangan jer?)

3. Lap ler apa2 yang patut. Lap perabot...lap tingkap....basuh toilet....

4. Pergi last minute shopping...carilah apa2 yang patut. Hmm actually I have a confession to make saya tak beli lagi kuih raya. Yang ada pun baru sejenis jer. Blackberry cheese tart...yummy.

5. Bring the kids for haircuts (their grandma actually gave them money to cut their hair...hehehe)

6. Actually, the list goes on and on....I have few days to do it (hopefully). Manalah larat nak buat semua in a day....boleh pengsan

Hubby suruh ikut jalan jauh balik rumah from balik anak kelas Kumon instead of the shorter way cause the shorter way has no traffic light at the intersection crossing. Banyak accident dah kat tempat tu. Last week, ada mat motor dah terbaring accident kat tengah2 jalan tu. So better follow Hubby's advise. Better late than sorry.

Selamat Berpuasa lagi... :)

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