Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hari Raya cards and tudung...

Yesterday I was a swamp with this....

yes, I know that today is the last day to send out the Hari Raya cards. Luckily I managed to finished all the hari raya cards. Pasting the address on the cards does take up time and slotting in the cards in the envelope. There about more or less 200 cards. Hopefully all the cards recepient will receive it before Hari Raya :)

Hey...guess where you can get a really cheap tudung?. You can get it at Tesco at 45 sen each :) My mom bought the tudung at Tesco at a really cheap price (dunno why she wants to buy the old fashion tudung bawal, maybe for her Tai-chi classes). The day before Bibik's friend bought the same tudung at Tesco at RM1.00. Guess my mom had a better bargain :)

Mom bought two colors purple and green (that's the only color left according to Mom)

Last night I had to drive my husband and daughter to the clinic. Hubby's knee is swollen because of gout and daughter's toe nail terkopek sebelah. So it's like two limping people in my hse. My son and I named them "the anak beranak tempang". Anyway, as I was waiting for the two patient, a women (a mat salleh/caucasian woman) came in with her son. I pointed her son to my daughter cause he looks like my nephew, same curly hair and loves cars (he had a bucket of small car toys + his t-shirt were full of cars pics). Sekali mak budak kecik itu sudah cakap bahasa melayulah dengan saya...she spoke fluent malay. Alamak malunya saya....see mat salleh pun cakap orang melayu pulak tak nak cakap melayu. Should I blog in malay instead :)?

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