Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long, short or layered

Tomorrow I plan to bring the girls for their haircut. I seriously haven't got any idea which haircut suits the girls. My youngest daughter love to go to the saloon. I guess she feels pampered by the hairdresser. Itu dia tak buat lagi mani & padicure...hehehe. She is such a little diva, the other day she ask her Ayah to buy for her a lipstick cause I didn't let her use mine (she's only 5 1/2 acting like a 25). Of course hubby's not buying for her the lipstick instead he gave me money to buy a lipgloss for his daughter. Alamak back to the haircut. Should I give them a bob haircut

kinda cute for kids, right or

the layered look. Their grandmother wanted me to cut their hair layered but i think that the bob cut are much cuter for kids.

Below are the back view of Kakak & Adik's head. Their haircut is out of shape. The last time they had a hair cut was early of the year.

looks like the same person right. People always thought that they're twins actually there's 2 years apart between them. I'll post the results tomorrow...hopefully if I have time to bring them to the saloon.

We went to Midvalley this afternoon to do some shopping. Here's the Hari Raya decoration at Midvalley.

nice huh looks like a suasana kampung right, complete with coconut tree and all. So are you going back to your hometown...we're not because KL is our hometown I envy other people.

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