Wednesday, September 17, 2008


After eating my sahur as usual I'll continue my sleep. I have this scary nightmare. I dream that a cow were chasing us, me and my son. We escaped but then the cow terrorize the other people pulak. The cow then pergi tanduk this one little boy, I tried saving the boy by knocking the cow's head. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter were near the boy, so instead the cow pi tanduk my daughter pulak. So I ketuk the cow's head with my mother's mangkuk tingkat plastik (ermmm...don't ask...I myself also don't get it, why with the mangkuk tingkat). Then I quickly pull my daughter and ran for safety. As I was running and hugging her, I screamt for help...I actually screamt for my husband help but my voice didn't come out, no matter how much I scream. Scary....that was a very nightmare. Hopefully Allah s.w.t will jauhkan malapetaka from my family.

Still thinking about the dream. Does it have to do with what I am feeling for the last few days?

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