Monday, October 3, 2016

This year Raya Qurban

I am really enjoying the long weekend....wish that I can extend another few days relaxing at home just cooking, eating and watching marathons of TV series that I've downloaded. But unfortunately tomorrow I have to do the month end closing. Sob.

Anyway, life has been a little hectic lately.
My mother fell in the toilet a day before Raya Qurban.....she didn't actually fell....she was hypo that day so she could lift her own body from the toilet floor. Laying on the toilet floor cause nobody heard her call for help. My nieces and nephews were in the room next door but they didn't hear her. While my father and sister were down stairs.

So cut the long story short, we trick her into going to the hospital cause she was also feverish. Told her that we were taking her to the clinic. Once she was in the car, we told her that we're taking her to the hospital or else she wouldn't agree.

Her sugar reading was really low.....cakap pun sampai merapu-rapu hahaha.
Kept saying that she wants to go home....the doctor is taking too long.
Here at the X-Ray, just incase any broken bones.
Alhamdulillah nothing broken.

My mom was never hospitalized before but this round she got warded for 5 days.
We kept going back and forth to the hospital. Spent the Raya Qurban holidays in the hospital.

Gambar atas tu muka stress sebab kena tunggu lama kat ER. Muka nak balik rumah hehe...

This is our lauk Raya Qurban. Celebrating in the hospital with mom.
No picture of the cow or juadah raya like previous year. Padan muka tu lah.....a few days before I was like....malasnya tahun ni nak tengok orang sembelih lembu. Terus Allah kabulkan. 
I actually cooked sup tulang bawak hospital for her to jamah. End up orang lain yang habiskan cause patient tak ada selera nak makan hehehe...

kebetulan pulak budak-budak cuti sekolah.
So dapatlah pergi melawat nenek selalu

Anyway, nenek is in the process of recovering. We moved her to the room downstairs cause it easier kalau ada apa-apa emergency. Selera makan pun dah bertambah dan dah boleh berjalan bangun walaupun slow. A big improvement. Alhamdulillah.

Hopefully after this I'll have more time to blog more. =)

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