Saturday, October 15, 2016

Long week

It's a long weekend for me this week. It's Saturday and here I am at work :/
Menyampah tau......I wanna be at home on my bed watching TV!

but issokay I brought Grey with me.
I actually a lot of TV series on my laptop so that I can watch it in the office.
I'm here waiting for other people do the system bored!

Anyway, last Thursday my dad called saying that my mom complaining that she couldn't breath. Gave us a scare. My sister even suggesting calling the ambulance.
Cut long story short.....we went to the UUMC emergency room.

her hands and feet were swollen and complaining of difficulty to breath.

After X ray and blood test, doctor conclude that my mom has too much water in her body so they gave her a medicine to flush out the water out of her system. Toilet visit numerous time you know that it's so hard to push the wheelchair especially when the floor is not level.
She even have a a bit of water in her lungs, that's the cause that she has difficulty to breath.
So doctor advised that Nenek can only drink 750ml of water per day, tak boleh minum air banyak kalau tak akan jadi water retention.

Alhamdulillah tak payah admitted tapi next week kena pergi hospital balik and check.

So I guess that's it. Pukul berapa boleh balik oiiii......bosanlah!!!!

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