Monday, August 1, 2011

RIP Our dear Comel

Salam Ramadhan. Ramadhan disambut dengan kegembiraan.

As I am typing this, perasaan hiba datang lagi. Last Saturday, we had to put our beloved cat Comel to sleep. Reason is that our cat has been infected with Feline Infectious Peritonisis

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal incurable disease that affects cats. It is believed by some to be caused by Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus (FIPV), which is a mutation of Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FECV) - (Feline Coronavirus FeCoV). Although there appears to be a connection between FIP and feline coronavirus, no clear cause and effect has yet been proven. Experts do not always agree on the specifics of FIP. However, the most common theory is that the normally benign FECV mutates into FIPV. The mutated virus has the ability to invade and grow in certain white blood cells, namely macrophages. The immune system's response causes an intense inflammatory reaction in the containing tissues. This disease is generally fatal [1]. However, its incidence rate is roughly 1 in 5000 for households with one or two cats. A nasally administered vaccine for FIP is available, but controversial and isn't proven to be highly effective. [2].

It seems that our cat can only last another week. Disebabkan kesian sangat dan tak nak tengok dia suffer more, we decided to put him to sleep. I am actually crying while I am typing this as it was the hardest decision we had to make.

Adik even tried to hand feed him sebab nak prove to her Ayah that our cat sihat. But actually Comel dah tak nak makan. Plus doktor kata all the food yang dia makan pun akan keluar thru saluran darah dan takkan jadi zat lagi.
Adik dah meraung-raung that morning yang we want to bring comel to the vet. I was crying too explaining the reason why we had to do it.

Comel at the vet on Saturday

unfortunately the vet tak advise us to be in the room when she puts him to sleep
I feel so bad that none of us gets to hold his paws bila dia pergi. It was a quick procedure. Semoga dia tak terseksa. Tak tau lah samada we did theright thing or not. Should we let him die naturally but he will be in so much pain. Minggu lepas pun dah nampak how hard it is for him to breath. ='(

Kalau sesapa yang pernah tgk cerita Hachiko macam tu lah our Comel.
Masa dia sihat hari-hari dia akan tunggu kitaorang balik without fail. Ok...tak tahan lagi nak tulis sebab sedih sangat.

Now we actually know how the feeling macam cerita Marley and Me tu ='(

tuan dialah yang paling sedih sekali

RIP Comel 30 July 2011

P/S: orang yang tak ada pet tu tak payahlah nak persenda-sendakan. Our pet is part of our family. So orang yang tak ada pet takkan faham perasaannya.

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Yours Truly said...

Baca pun sedih and nak mengalir air mata....we have 6 cats at home. Yes read your tweet post pun i dah sedih....take care sis!

Pink Mama said...

Thank you YT. Orang yang ada pet jer tau macamana kita sayang pet kitakan ='(

veesakura said...

sedih i baca..orang takde pet memang takkan faham. harap bersabar ya. moga comel tenang di sana..

Pink Mama said...

Terima kasih Veesakura ='(

Cikidong said...

sian abang sedih... but you have to move on.. with or without :)

Pink Mama said...

Cikidong, yelah nak buat macamanakan.

sesemut said...

OMG,... so sorry to hear the news.. i semenjak puasa ni la baru buka internet...
how about the other cat? dah test dia also?
you did the right thing... rather than menyiksakan dia till the end.. that's the best option.
Comel.. semoga tenang disana..
warmest regards to your son.. from me + ashley & potter...

Miss S said...

Totally understand. When our cat died, kita nangis sampai 3 hari :(. Yes, they r part of the family.


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