Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Know your Malaysian Durians....

 Meh Akak nak ajar ni jenis-jenis durian....katanya hantu deriankan. Kalau dah tau jenis-jenis durian senang sikit nak pilih.

Kat bawah tu siap ada tips bagai nak pilih derian. 

Know your Malaysian Durians.......


How to Choose a Good Durian / 6 Steps to Choosing A Good Durian 

First of all, what is a good d! urian? For us, a good durian is one that is ripe, fresh and free from larvae/worms. However, a durian with worm doesn't mean it is not good because it can still be delicious.

So how do you know if a durian is good or fresh? 

Here are some steps you can try when looking for a good durian: 

1.        Look at the tip, if it is too dry means it is no longer fresh. A little dry is okay. 
2.        Look at the bottom, if it is crack it may be over-ripe or not so fresh. But it still can be delicious. 
3.        Smell the durian, if there is a strong smell, it is most likely good. If there is no smell, it is probably not ripe. 
4.        Use your fingernails to scratch the durian, if it sounds hollow it is likely to be a good one. 
5.        Pu! t the durian close to your ear, shake it and listen carefully, if there is a 'moving' sound, it is likely to be good. 
6.        Look for holes around the durian, if there is tiny hole somewhere, there is likely to be a worm (larva of an insect) that has burrow into it. 
7.        Yes, there is actually a 7th step, but it's not going to be useful. If you have the chance to open the durian, open it and taste it.   

Way! s Of Opening A Durian

There are few ways to open the durian. Some might find opening a durian just too difficult, so I'll list other methods in case you want to try another way.
  1.        Use a short knife, one that is slightly bigger than the standard swiss army knife- most durian farmers use this. 
2.        Use a big knife, the one for chopping meat - ladies love to use this. 
3.        Use bare hands - works well for some over-ripe durians. 
4.        Use a special durian opener, which is made of wood. Not exactly sure where you can find this tool.

 Selamat Makan Durian semua...kalau panas minum air dalam kulitnya ya...


Nana said...

UUUWWAAAA!!!!! I NAK DURIANNNN!!! sorry terover. Dah setahun lebih dah tak makan durian. I memang hantu durian. Hari tu masa balik Malaysia, I would drag my dad to SS2 to buy durian every week! dia memang pandai pilih heheheh!

Pink Mama said...

Nana, hantu durian boleh join I. Tetiba miss my MIL sebab dulu dia ada gerai durian.

Nana said...

Tu lah memang boleh geng. Mozard siap refuse to peluk me because I makan durian my body is too heaty! hehehe!

gerai durian! wahhhh mesti yang best2 you dah chop dulu!

Pink Mama said...

yup my late MIL siap simpankan durian yang best2 for us. Pastu penuh boot kereta dengan durian bekal bawak balik.

Nana said...

ooo sorry to hear about your MIL.

One thing I tak tahan is driving long distance with durian in the car. aisyioh fening!!!


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