Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Checking Chatime...what's all rave about

Chatime One Utama dah buka almost a month. Boleh kata almost hari-hari mesti ada queue panjang.

Tak terbuka lagilah hati I selama ni nak try walaupun ramai orang cakap sedap. Reason was that the queue was always long, being me the lazy bum....memanglah malas nak beratur.

So today I finally caved in to popular demand. There was no queue when I reached why not give it a try.

So with my friend suggestion I got myself Roasted Milk Tea with Red Bean.

Don't ask me what other favor they have cause I don't know but you can go to their website and check, it's

My honest opinion about the drink

Peminat Chatime jangan marah tau...janji....

It tasted like cendul saja to me......larikkkkkk (to Starbuck =P)


Nadiah said...

Next time you should try Milk tea with Pearl.So yummylicious.

I dah repeat almost 20+++ cups so far within 2months :-)

Pink Mama said...

next time nanti I try flavor yang u suggest tu ya =)


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