Friday, March 20, 2015

Belanja anak-anak at Jumpstreet

Last Sunday I belanja anak-anak pergi lompat-lompat kat Jumpstreet. Ialah cuti sekolah tak pergi mana-mana kesian kat derang bosan duduk rumah jer.

Actually I gave them option samada nak pergi Jumpstreet atau memanjat dinding kat Camp 5 One Utama. It seems that they prefer to lompat-lompat.

Kalau you guys interested nak bawak anak-anak you guys can either google for the facebook page. My brain this week dah macam short circuit sikit sebab banyak sangat kena buat problem solving kat office plus asyik kena marah jerkan. So I can't really remember the details.....nampaknya kena makan kismis banyak-banyak ni.

Kakak ni baru lompat sikit dah mengadu sakit dadalah....manja sangat dia tuh...

it's a really big space. Jangan risau pada parents yang tak nak melompat sama tu, there's tables and chairs untuk lepak plus they sell food and drinks (tapi mahal sikitlah from outside)

kalau I muda lagi mau I join tapi dah aunty-aunty ni stamina banyak dah kurang

doink...doink...doink....lompat kakak and shoot the hoop

these two athletes do not have any problem jumping around for two hours. Mama kalau lompat dalam ni mau stuck tak boleh keluar sebab berat. See how easy for Abang and Adik jumping and doing back flips.

Just an extra info, if you have handicap (OKU) kids the entry for them is free. You just need  to purchase socks for them.

Happy Friday all....I am so looking forward to end this weeks work. Brain and body tired from all the 'battle' and 'beating' at work. Chill you all.

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