Thursday, April 11, 2013

Proud mother

Sabtu lepas Abang ada bagitau yang sekolah dia hari Sabtu ada hari penyampaian sijil. Being us Saturday memang semua orang bangun lambat. Even after solat boleh sambung balik tido. Qada tido weekdays katanya.

So yesterday petang, tiba-tiba he presented me with this plack. Nak nangis I tau bila baca Pelajar Terbaik tu....macam tak percaya. So proud of him.

He did not tell us that he will receiving an award that day or else we would've all accompany him to school.

Anyway, we are so proud of him. It's not easy for him cause my son is actually dyslexic. It's a struggle for him to read and it tires him brain easily.

For those yang tak tahu apa dyslexia tu. Here is how a dyslexic sees compare to us.

everything looks scrambled

the left one is how they actually see compare to normal people

We actually discover he's dyslexic when we was 9 cause he still couldn't read. Mula-mula tu macam selalulah marah dia kenapalah budak ni bila nak buat homework jer mesti menangis dan seksa sangat. Selalau jugaklah darah I menggelegak.

Somehow....can't remember macamana we end up wanted to do the dyslexia test for him. 
One of the trade that my son is dyslexia is ada huruf yang dia tulis terbalik. Pergi Pusat Dyslexia kat Tasik Titiwangsa and they did the test. Confirm budak ni sebenarnya dyslexic, pasal tulah dia tak boleh membaca. So kalau anak still tak boleh membaca janganlah pulak kata anak tu lembab. He may have other problems that we may not have realised.

Alhamdulillah after 3 months of intensive class at Pusat Dyslexia, he actually inprove a lot. Kelas Kumon helps a lot too cause hari-hari dia kena buat latih tubi.

So if you kid is dyslexia you need to register him sebab masa exam nanti examiner akan bagi  extra time for them compare to the normal kids. Even certain school have special class for these kids. I know that in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail their primary and secondary school have special class for special kids.

You make me proud Abang walaupun seksaaaaa Mama nak suruh Abang baca buku untuk examkan. 

Proud mother put his plack at her office desk to remind herself that she has got amazing kids.

I'm still beaming. =))


saniah said...

Im sharing your joy... :))
Congratz abg...n congratz to you n ur hbby too...kerja kuat n sabar kan dpt hasil nya

Pink Mama said...

Thank you Saniah =)

SUwithlove said...


Pink Mama said...

Thank you Su

Mama Bella said...

Tahniah dan syabas kepada Hafizudin dan Pink Mama!!!! Hebat!

Akukah? said...

Congrats! Another proud mom blessed with a such darling child! I could surely relate & reflect!!

Difference is, I x register her as dyslexic coz the system we live in is yet to change their perception towards our innocent gifted children.

Kudos to you Pinky!

Pink Mama said...

Thank you Mama Bella =)

Pink Mama said...

Akukah....I understand cause majority tak faham what is dyslexia. Even my friends and hubby's fren yg anak ada same problem pun tak nak buat test untuk anak derang. But it's for the betterment of our kids. =)

Akukah? said...

U know what Pinky dear, sad truth bout our community (esp malays) is: admitting u hv a child with dyslexia would bring shame to the whole family!!

my dotter faced a challenging community where at 7 yrs old she was called stupid, lembab, bodoh & all craps (in school mind u, incldg the teachers!!) & she dread going to school every single morning. we decided to troubleshoot & send her to same titiwangsa centre for half year. alhamdulillah she came back the next year and been receiving accolades ever since.


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