Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

We would like to wish,

" Wishing to All Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,

MAaf Zahir BAtin"

Please be extra careful during this festive season and drive safely.

Monday, September 29, 2008

4 haircuts and 2 styles

Finally today the girls had their haircut. Mama has chosen a 'bob haircut' for them. Gunting dekat kedai cina biasa tu jer murah. RM7 ajer perhair cut instead of RM25 kat TTDI. Alamak rambut budak-budak buat apalah nak haircut yang mahal-mahal tu lainlah kalau maknya :). It's quite a long queue at the saloon. Ramai orang nak potong rambut and color their hair termasuklah a few guys. Their hair is much better looking now and i don't have to scream to them to comb their hair. The boys also had their haircut at the kedai Mamak. Their haircuts cost them RM16. So all together the 4 haircuts cost RM30 :)

Abang's haircut from side view

Back view of Abang's hair. Ayah have the same haircut.

Adik's hair from side view. It's wet so the shape of the haircut is a bit out ler.

Her hair from back view. Lawa tak rambut Raya anak-anak saya?

I bought for them bunga api yang banyak asap tu. No mercun for them cause their mother is afraid of mercun. I am not going to hold for them ther mercun cause I know the girls won't hold the mercun themself. I will have to do the dirty job for them. Here's some pics of them playing bunga api

Malam ni nak kena teman diaorang main bunga api lagi...1more day of Ramadhan tomorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today I am so tired to blog anything because I am tired after a day of cleaning the whole house and cooking for Iftar. I didn't bring the girls for their haircut today cause i feel like fainting right now.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long, short or layered

Tomorrow I plan to bring the girls for their haircut. I seriously haven't got any idea which haircut suits the girls. My youngest daughter love to go to the saloon. I guess she feels pampered by the hairdresser. Itu dia tak buat lagi mani & padicure...hehehe. She is such a little diva, the other day she ask her Ayah to buy for her a lipstick cause I didn't let her use mine (she's only 5 1/2 acting like a 25). Of course hubby's not buying for her the lipstick instead he gave me money to buy a lipgloss for his daughter. Alamak back to the haircut. Should I give them a bob haircut

kinda cute for kids, right or

the layered look. Their grandmother wanted me to cut their hair layered but i think that the bob cut are much cuter for kids.

Below are the back view of Kakak & Adik's head. Their haircut is out of shape. The last time they had a hair cut was early of the year.

looks like the same person right. People always thought that they're twins actually there's 2 years apart between them. I'll post the results tomorrow...hopefully if I have time to bring them to the saloon.

We went to Midvalley this afternoon to do some shopping. Here's the Hari Raya decoration at Midvalley.

nice huh looks like a suasana kampung right, complete with coconut tree and all. So are you going back to your hometown...we're not because KL is our hometown ...sob...sob...how I envy other people.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Roadsign..it says one way street

First of all I just want to say, if you don't know how to read the road signs please do not ...i repeat DO NOT drive a car because you'll be endangering other people and causing troubles.

Secondly, I know that you are in love and you have your beautiful girlfriend besides you in the car but please pay attention to the road sign instead of your girlfriend.

Thirdly, if you know you've done something wrong as going the wrong way on the one way street, pleaselah angkat tangan mintak maaf instead of tersengih macam kerang busuk. I really cannot tolerate people who do not follow rules. Let's say a small kid was crosing the road in a one way street, I'm sure he/she will look one direction to look out for cars but if there are people like you ohh...ignorant driver, an accident can happen. Pleaselah...please next time learn how to read the road sign.

This message is meant for the young man whose driving a green MYVI at Dataran Sunway at around 8pm infront of the Chinese Restaurant. You are lucky that I was slow at the corner or else I would have bang onto you. Guess what...if that happen you are WRONG because you are going the wrong way...IDIOT!@!

Okay enough of membebel kepada pemandu yang tak berhemah.Kalau membebel panjang-panjang pun tak guna buat menyakitkan hati.

Today I am officially off already. I will be on leave for the whole of next week. Tomorrow I have a bunch of things to do.

1. Tukar langsir (bab ni yang malas ni)

2. Basuh baju raya anak-anak (yup..I haven't wash their new Raya clothes...malas + tak sempat...I guess I'll just dumpt it all into the washing machine or should I rinse dengan tangan jer?)

3. Lap ler apa2 yang patut. Lap perabot...lap tingkap....basuh toilet....

4. Pergi last minute shopping...carilah apa2 yang patut. Hmm actually I have a confession to make saya tak beli lagi kuih raya. Yang ada pun baru sejenis jer. Blackberry cheese tart...yummy.

5. Bring the kids for haircuts (their grandma actually gave them money to cut their hair...hehehe)

6. Actually, the list goes on and on....I have few days to do it (hopefully). Manalah larat nak buat semua in a day....boleh pengsan

Hubby suruh ikut jalan jauh balik rumah from balik anak kelas Kumon instead of the shorter way cause the shorter way has no traffic light at the intersection crossing. Banyak accident dah kat tempat tu. Last week, ada mat motor dah terbaring accident kat tengah2 jalan tu. So better follow Hubby's advise. Better late than sorry.

Selamat Berpuasa lagi... :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hari Raya cards and tudung...

Yesterday I was a swamp with this....

yes, I know that today is the last day to send out the Hari Raya cards. Luckily I managed to finished all the hari raya cards. Pasting the address on the cards does take up time and slotting in the cards in the envelope. There about more or less 200 cards. Hopefully all the cards recepient will receive it before Hari Raya :)

Hey...guess where you can get a really cheap tudung?. You can get it at Tesco at 45 sen each :) My mom bought the tudung at Tesco at a really cheap price (dunno why she wants to buy the old fashion tudung bawal, maybe for her Tai-chi classes). The day before Bibik's friend bought the same tudung at Tesco at RM1.00. Guess my mom had a better bargain :)

Mom bought two colors purple and green (that's the only color left according to Mom)

Last night I had to drive my husband and daughter to the clinic. Hubby's knee is swollen because of gout and daughter's toe nail terkopek sebelah. So it's like two limping people in my hse. My son and I named them "the anak beranak tempang". Anyway, as I was waiting for the two patient, a women (a mat salleh/caucasian woman) came in with her son. I pointed her son to my daughter cause he looks like my nephew, same curly hair and loves cars (he had a bucket of small car toys + his t-shirt were full of cars pics). Sekali mak budak kecik itu sudah cakap bahasa melayulah dengan saya...she spoke fluent malay. Alamak malunya saya....see mat salleh pun cakap melayu...ni orang melayu pulak tak nak cakap melayu. Should I blog in malay instead :)?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ayah Gemuk

This drawing was done by my youngest daughter. There's her, her Ayah & Me. When ask what is the big black circle at her dad's figure. She answered, " Ayah Gemuk". Meaning that's her dad's big belly. Gosh...hubby really need to be on diet....lol :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Malls Deco During Ramadhan

Yesterday we went to OU new wings for Hari Raya shopping for the kids. The deco at the centre of the mall were really nice. It has a Middle East theme and a mini mosque miniature.

View from 2nd Floor

The dome

That's my daughter's posing at the steps.

This view is taken from 1st Floor. It's the side view of the miniature 2nd floor.
I did some shopping at Parkson, for RM150 I got 7 pieces of clothing for my kids cause all of them are at 70% discount :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

His passions

My son has only 2 passion, his cars and his bionicles collections. I'll show you why I say that...

here's another one

and another

I guess besides cars and bionicles, I should add that he loves making short clips on them as you've seen in the youtube. He did it on his own using his handphone video cam, merely by watching other youtubes clips. A spielberg in the making maybe?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raya Shoes

Have you done your Raya shopping. Here's a few shoe models that kinda interesting if you want a difference during Raya

Which one is cute to you? Like the Hari Raya theme shoes plus it's eco-friendly :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


After eating my sahur as usual I'll continue my sleep. I have this scary nightmare. I dream that a cow were chasing us, me and my son. We escaped but then the cow terrorize the other people pulak. The cow then pergi tanduk this one little boy, I tried saving the boy by knocking the cow's head. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter were near the boy, so instead the cow pi tanduk my daughter pulak. So I ketuk the cow's head with my mother's mangkuk tingkat plastik (ermmm...don't ask...I myself also don't get it, why with the mangkuk tingkat). Then I quickly pull my daughter and ran for safety. As I was running and hugging her, I screamt for help...I actually screamt for my husband help but my voice didn't come out, no matter how much I scream. Scary....that was a very nightmare. Hopefully Allah s.w.t will jauhkan malapetaka from my family.

Still thinking about the dream. Does it have to do with what I am feeling for the last few days?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today I'm feeling much better then yesterday and the day before. Accept for my allergies tak baik-baik lagi. Taken the allergies medication for more than 2 weeks but my nose still itch and still sneezing. Macamanalah nak baik asyik kena hujan jer. Semalam pergi pasar Ramadhan kena hujan lagi. Must remember to bring the umbrella especially when the weather now is so unpredictable. One minute it's sunny , the next minute it'll rain.

Boss kata nak buat asessment tapi tak buat-buat. Tersangatlah letihnya nak menunggu dia. Nak MC pun tak boleh macam ni. Boss bagi jerlah kat kitaorang maximum semua (maximum bonus, maximum increment). Tak buat assesment pun tak apa :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

What do you do?

When you are sad and down, what do you usually do?. I would sleep if I am in s situation that makes me depress. So I am now so sleepy, I just want to sleep cause it'll make forget my sorrow for few hours. The office climate makes things worst. I need a break but first I need my nap.

Jangan kacau ya.....saya nak tido.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


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